The wildlife on Wolf Creek Ranch is unparalleled. A walk along the trails or a drive through the Ranch will almost certainly provide the opportunity to see an abundance of deer and elk, and oftentimes moose. There are also occasional sightings of other large mammals including the black bear, fox, coyote, and mountain lion. The diversity of birds is equally stunning with common sightings of red tail hawks, golden eagles, and great horned owls among many others.
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Rocky Mountain Elk

Wolf Creek Ranch is home to one of the largest elk herds in North America. It is not uncommon to come across large herds of elk during the summer and fall months.  To experience the sound of the bugling bull elk during the “rut” is unforgettable.

Other Forest Animals

The chance to see forest animals in their natural environment is one of the most memorable experiences for owners of Wolf Creek Ranch. The diversity and abundance of wildlife creates the opportunity for a unique wildlife viewing experience every time you are out on the Ranch.

Aspen Groves

Large aspen groves are a prominent feature of Wolf Creek Ranch. Providing shelter for the abundant animal and plant life, the sound of their rustling leaves adds to the serenity of the Ranch. The changing colors of the leaves in the fall is also regularly cited as one of the most beautiful aspects of the Ranch. In partnership with the scientists at Utah Open Lands, Wolf Creek Ranch has developed programs to preserve and enhance the aspen forests for the long-term.