Wolf Creek Ranch owners are a diverse group, ranging from families with young children to families with multiple generations that use the Ranch as an ongoing family reunion. Several owners make the Ranch their full time home, while for many others the Ranch is a seasonal home or their home base while they travel the globe.


The Wolf Creek Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc., is governed by an elected 5 member Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees oversees the Ranch General Manager, who in turn oversees the roughly 5 full time and 5-7 part time employees.

Annual Events

The association has several annual events:

  • Annual HOA Meeting, usually in February, and always with some type of social or outdoor function.
  • A Fourth of July environmental update meeting where biologists and academics that study the flora and fauna of the Ranch present their findings and research from the prior year and update the owners on the status of aspen preservation and forestry efforts and on wildlife management. A highlight of this meeting is always a group outing to the Oakley Rodeo in the nearby town of Oakley.
  • An Advisory Meeting, usually in September or October at which Ranch-wide initiatives are discussed.


There are several social events put on by owners throughout the year. These events often include families and house guests of the owners for barn parties, charitable fundraisers, golf, nature hikes, wildlife photography, mountain biking, cycling and snowmobile group rides.